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You Can Have the Body You Desire in Weeks Not Years Guaranteed

Health and Fitness

What you are about to read is an accumulation of many years of dedicated research and many hundreds of thousands of pounds spent travelling the globe and learning from the absolute world's best people in the health and fitness and wellness industry. 

Now I didn’t share that with you to brag about all that Body Wars have achieved, I decided to share that with you because we’ve spent years testing and researching our products and services with real people to ensure that we incorporate the knowledge gained into our health and fitness packages; packages that produce outstanding results on a consistent basis.  The Body Wars team are some of the best trained staff in the world in their specialist field and constant training, development and personal education means that we ensure that our clients receive only the best products and services available anywhere today - products, services, online personal training and nutritional systems that actually work and that have been tried and tested to help with weight loss, sports performance and injury treatment guaranteed!! 

Nutritional Systems

They have an extensive knowledge of the human body and how it works, together with an in depth understanding of the latest exercise techniques making sure that through its philosophies, the expert trainers of Body Wars continue to deliver some of the most comprehensive, complete health and wellness and nutritional systems available today.

Do we profess to know everything?  No, absolutely not but what we do know is that we are 99% of the way there and that makes us 100% ahead of most of the so called health and fitness gurus out there. 

If You Want To Be the Best You Possibly Can Be Then You Have To Train with the Best and Have Access to the Best Information

LogosBody Wars have a phenomenal portfolio.  It’s founder Adrian has appeared on ITV in his own TV series ‘Fat Families’ and successfully worked for the Daily Mail ‘Great Family Fitness Challenge’ and has appeared regularly in national newspapers and magazines that include:

The Sunday Times, Heat and Closer as well as making several guest appearances on BBC radio to actively promote health and wellness.

Health and Wellness

I lost 4 stone working with Adrian on the ITV show Fat Families.  My family lost a staggering 140LB’s in total and I did achieve the image that I had in my mind in less than 6 months” – CRAIG DONNELLEY (ITV FAT FAMILIES)

TV Fitness Guru Reveals How Easy It Is To Get Started & Why Our Programs Are So Successful…………I Lost 4 Stone In Weight And 9 Inches Off His Waist!!

Nutrition and Fitness

You see I was just like you; I spent years fighting my own personal body issues so I understand exactly how you feel and what you are going through.  I wouldn’t look in the mirror or get on the scales because I didn’t like myself very much – I was 4 stone overweight, I definitely wasn’t happy and the information available was ……’ve guessed it, confusing!!  So, my promise to you is to create some clarity; to dispel all of the contradiction and conflicting information and to tell you the truth about health and fitness as I know it to be.  I’m going to help you with the years of knowledge, skills and abilities that I have developed working with real people to help you achieve your goals and most importantly to ensure that you maintain and sustain them, you see we design a nutrition and fitness program that is tailored exactly to your needs!

Before & After
Anne lost an amazing 2 ½ Stone  

Weight Loss

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Can you become faster and stronger than ever before, avoid injury and focus on achieving your performance goals?

The simple answer is YES ………….You can achieve better results in your chosen sport whether you compete individually and/or as part of a team.  Anyone can enhance their current sports performance, from the professional athlete to the weekend warrior, or even the budding school athlete, but remember: NOT if you continue to do the same things in exactly the same way as you’ve always done them.  Everything starts with a decision and without that nothing changes.  You need to make a decision to change the way that you currently do things and decide that you want to aim for the top and to be the best you possibly can be, why settle for bronze when you could have gold!!


Sports Performance

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It’s Affordable, It’s Tailored, It’s On-Line Personal Training Just For You

Online Workouts and Exercise Demonstrations

We provide all the benefits of our 1:1 personal training service at prices that are affordable to you without compromising on the quality of service that we provide. Our personalised online workouts and exercies demonstations include lots of variety and frequent changes to keep your mind from burning out and your body from adapting and hitting a plateau, which can stop you achieving the body you desire.   As a Body Wars online personal training member, you will have full access to our expert trainers library of over 1000 exercise demonstrations 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Each includes a video demonstration and detailed written instructions on how to perform the exercise move correctly and effectively.   Our existing members are amazed at the level of personal attention they receive from their online personal trainer!

Online Personal Training

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Yes, You Can Change Your Life Forever & Be Completely Pain Free

Believe it or not most injuries and sports injuries can be prevented.  So often we see evidence in new clients that come to Body Wars for injury treatment that have previously trained at the same gym for years and have never been corrected on proper use of the equipment. Oh sure, they have been shown how to use the equipment but not been shown how to use it correctly and there is a massive difference!!  We have been in to some of the most prestigious gyms or performance classes and observed so many people incorrectly using the equipment supplied whilst the so called ‘expert trainers’ look on oblivious to the damage that is being created in their clients. 

The good news is that most sports injuries can be treated efficiently and effectively and in a relatively short period of time.  Ask yourself the following question.  “Have I been seeing the same consultant for the same injury for a long period of time?”  If the answer is a resounding ‘yes’ then are you receiving the best treatment possible?


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You Are About TO Discover a Complete Proven System for Weight Loss that works – Guaranteed, the Body Wars 4 Pillar Synergy System

Each one of us has a unique blue print and the ‘4 pillars synergy system’ takes into consideration your individual blueprint ensuring your health and fitness program is as unique as you are.  Through our individual personal assessment and a detailed questionnaire our highly qualified Body Wars expert trainers will advise the precise foods and food groups you should be consuming for optimum health and fitness.
This highly personalised and tried and tested approach means a dietary regime tailored specifically to each individual client needs, totally compliments your tailored fitness plan and is world away from the catch-all weight loss advice and diet plans offered by the majority of health and fitness clubs and trainers.

Nutrition for Optimum Health and Fitness

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Do you want to learn the secrets of effective kettlebell training and why all of a sudden they are grabbing media headlines?

We want to deliver results to our clients like no one else can and we want you to achieve the greatest possible health and fitness success ever.  Why?  Because your success is our success.
The more results that we deliver the BIGGER our client list grows and it’s growing at a rate of knots due to the huge success of Kettlebells delivering the extraordinary body shape changes that you want and in less time.   This amazing fitness tool is an essential part of any training program. 

Kettlebell Training

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You Can Have the Body You Desire in Weeks Not Years Guaranteed

Money Back GuaranteeBody Wars are one of only a handful of specialist weight loss and sports conditioning centers in the UK to offer a full money back guarantee but we are the only centre in the North West!!! – Completely eliminating any risk to you our client.

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If you're now ready to be at the top of your game call Adrian on: 01282 698 698

I am proud of my centre and all that it achieves and I am proud of my health and wellness programs and equally as proud of the clients that I train and what they have achieved.  I am also proud of the fact that the Body Wars centre is the only specialist weight loss centre in the UK offering a ‘complete’ approach to health and fitness - You will definitely NOT find a one diet or program fits all approach here.

If you are serious about taking control and I think that you are then make a commitment to yourself right now, make a decision and take the required action.  Call Adrian on 01282 698 698 to discuss how Body Wars programs can assist you in achieving your goals or email: if you would like further information on any of our products or services.

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