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What Our Clients Say About Us

I lost 16lbs in 2 weeks following Adrian’s simple customised nutrition and exercise plan and now have more energy and feel fitter than I did 10 years ago
Stuart: Business Owner

I became a client of Adrian’s almost one year ago with the aim of losing weight and improving my fitness.

Being a professional, full time working mum of two and having little time for myself with the unsociable shift patterns and everyday household routine I was becoming aware that I needed to do something about my growing waist line.  Like many people I was eating the wrong foods at the wrong times of the day, and I found myself gaining weight steadily over a period of time.  I tried desperately to hide my body behind baggier clothes and lost confidence in both my appearance and myself.

I did try different diets but as soon as I stopped dieting I regained the weight that I had lost and more!!  A friend of mine recommended Body Wars and Adrian and I can honestly say that I have never looked back.

In the space of 12 weeks I learnt what healthy eating REALLY was – without feeling having to feel hungry.  Adrian taught me the value of regular exercise as well as active daily living.  I dropped from a size 16 to a size 12 and became a different person.  I thought personal trainers were only for the wealthy but what Adrian has taught me and what I have achieved with his help and motivation is affordable for anyone.

I now feel more confident than I did before having the children and I even have the confidence now to enter a gym without feeling intimidated, even though I remember telling Adrian “you’ll never get me in a gym as long as I live.  I’m still using my active daily living plan and I would like to thank Adrian for giving me my new self and also for making me believe in myself that I could do it whilst having fun.  I have no hesitation in recommending his expertise and professionalism to others   
Denise Bethwaite - Paramedic

p.s. If I can do it – anyone can do it!!

For my 40th Birthday present my husband enlisted the help of Adrian. He had planned a lovely trip to Gambia – lovely gesture but I knew that I would feel more than a little uncomfortable on the beach.  In just the first 2 weeks of working with Adrian’s tailored nutritional and exercise plan I lost 9lbs and over 4 ½ inches off my waist”
Tracey: Medical Secretary

Working with Adrian has opened up a whole a new life for me and my children.  I had become a victim of my own success and the biscuit barrel.  I spent years building a successful business eating the wrong foods at the wrong times and I turned my body into someone else's.

I avoided the weighing scales and mirrors and basically stuck my head in the sand.  I pretended that what I didn’t know couldn’t hurt me – but I was hurting. There comes a time when you have to take your head out of the sand and guess what?  The reality was that my appearance had changed dramatically, it had become worse and I had become older.  I had previously joined gyms but never went and I had tried many diets but half heartedly.  I became depressed at my lack of personal will power and how I could not motivate myself.  I could motivate myself easily at work, why?

My wife understood how I felt and for my birthday in August 2002 she organised a surprise course of sessions with Adrian at Body Wars.  We started off gradually.  Adrian’s philosophy is simple, “start with what you can do and not with what you can’t.  You have to be able to walk a mile before you can run one”.  Together we set goals.  Small ones initially, progressing upwards with a mixture of exercise programs for when we were together and some to do when I was on my own.  All the time I was following Adrian’s healthy eating plan—it certainly worked for me!!!

My failures previously had been like a bull at a gate, meeting it head on and finding it hard, so it was easier to give up.  I remember working with Adrian in October.  He was asking me the usual questions like “How are you?  How are you feeling?”  The one thing that I hadn’t told him was that I also had another personal goal.  My Daughter was 8 years old and I had never been in the swimming pool with her.  That weekend I swam with her in the pool for the first time in 8 years.  I told Adrian that if he had told me that my old body would change to my new body as I see it today and that I would feel like I do now, I would never have believed him.

I still train with Adrian to this day.  My waist line has dropped from over 40 inches to 32 inches and I have lost over 2 stone in weight.  I am now the body shape and weight that I was when I first met my wife many years ago.  Thank you for your dedication.
John Eccles— Managing Director

Speaking after her second place achievement in the National Mountain Bike Championships, staged in the Lake District, Sarah was full of praise for her personal trainer, Adrian Burton, of Burnley, who helped to get her back to competition fitness following her accident. He’s been brilliantsaid Sarah, He’s helped me get regain my fitness, increase my strength and improved my energy levels. I could not have competed at this level again without his help and dedication.
Sarah: School Liaison Officer

I lost 4 stone working with Adrian on the ITV show Fat Families.  My family lost a staggering 140LB’s in total and I did achieve the image that I had in my mind in less than 6 months”
Craig Donnelley (ITV Fat Families)

Let me help you make the changes you want to make in your life- it doesn’t have to be over for you. For more information on the comprehensive and extensive range of services Body Wars offers please contact Adrian personally on: 01282 698 698.

“Your past doesn’t have to equal your future!!”

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