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To get the most out of online personal training, your fitness program needs to be written for you and ONLY for you.

TV Fitness Guru Reveals How Easy It Is To Get Started & Why Our Online Programs Are So Successful

Online Training

You will be more successful at achieving your goals when you are using a training program that has been specifically designed just for you. Based on the information that you provide (including age, exercise history, health and fitness level, goals, medical history etc.) Body Wars make best use of your extensive personal profile information to ensure that we design a nutrition and fitness program that is tailored exactly to your needs.  We do NOT use the one program fits all approach used by so many professionals today.  Click here to sign up for your online personal training program today.
Here are just some of the many additional things that we take into account to ensure that you receive the best program possible for you:

  • How much time you have
  • What equipment you have available
  • Your preferred training location – at home or in  the gym
  • Your current levels of motivation

Exercise Demonstrations

Furthermore you will be able to access your personalised monthly program for each month of your subscription via your own private client page featuring video footage that clearly demonstrates the effective exercises that you will be doing and receive unlimited exercise and nutritional advice and encouragement.  Click here to sign up for your online personal training program.

“Those who think they have not time for bodily exercise will sooner or later have to find time for illness”– EDWARD STANLEY, FOMER UK PRIME MINISTER

It’s Affordable, It’s Tailored, It’s On-Line Personal Training Just For You

Exercise and Nutritional Program

An exercise and nutritional program is more successful if it includes variety and continually challenges the body to work hard.  Body Wars had a number of clients whose budget didn’t stretch to having a 1:1 trainer at our centre or they already had access to health and fitness or gym facilities that they could use but weren’t achieving the results that they wanted.  Many clients also worked at a distance from our centre and were finding it difficult to attend their sessions, so in order to fulfill all of our clients needs Body Wars created their online personal training system.

We provide all the benefits of our 1:1 personal training service at prices that are affordable to you without compromising on the quality of service that we provide.  Our personalised online workouts include lots of variety and frequent changes to keep your mind from burning out and your body from adapting and hitting a plateau, which can stop you achieving the body you desire.   As a Body Wars online personal training member, you will have full access to a library of over 1000 exercise demonstrations 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Each includes a video demonstration and detailed written instructions on how to perform the exercise move correctly and effectively.   Our existing members are amazed at the level of personal attention they receive from their online personal trainer!

Given Enough Time anything is Possible.

Body Wars don’t have an answer to extending the day, but what we do have is an answer to you making the most of the time that you DO have.  Our online personal training system will save you time by allowing you to follow an affordable, tailored exercise and nutritional program written by our experts tailored specifically to your individual needs and goals.

It won’t take you a second longer to do an effective exercise as it does for you to continue to do an ineffective exercise!

Online Personal Training

Click here to start your online personal training program today

Many people spend too much time on ineffective exercises programs.  Your fitness program needs to be created by an experienced and certified health and fitness professional who takes into account your personal needs, preferences and abilities. Many diet and fitness programs are based on a general approach and that’s why you see so many people in the gym spending 15 minutes on the treadmill, 15 minutes on the exercise bike, 15 minutes on this or that – its because they are all following the same program as the other 3,000 gym members and are usually designed by less experienced trainers.  What I can tell you is if you are doing this on a regular basis STOP! Our experience shows that one size definitely does not fit all and perhaps more importantly your health and fitness program needs to be regularly evaluated to keep you on your road to success.

To discover more about how online personal training can work for you please visit: or call Adrian on 01282 698 698.

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